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The last operational Sea Harrier...

Our thanks to Peter Cherry for providing these photographs of the last RN Sea Harrier, "this a/c stayed flying until all other Sea Harriers had landed at their destinations the reason for this is that the very last flying Sea Harrier landed on an RNAS airfield ready to start a new life."

The Falkland Island's Revisited...

Last July Guernsey held the NatWest Island Games of 24 Islands competing in a sporting-based week.  The Falkland Islands officials and competitors asked to meet local Veterans.  We enjoyed an evening of drinking and chat. One of the official team said come to the Islands to visit us.  After much discussion Tim (ME3 onboard HMS Intrepid) and I approached SAMA(82).   We were given the privilege by SAMA(82) of concessional return flights to the Falkland Islands. After much planning we arrived 24hrs late due to strong rotator winds in the Falklands - the locals moved all our plans by 24hrs.

Wednesday: We were taken on a battlefield tour around East Falkland by a farmer, whom with his tractor and trailer served the Para’s and Marines in the taking of Lasndown Hill, gave us his first-hand account.  Nick Taylor’s grave overlooks Goose Green.  We were shown parts from the downed Chinook and Puma.

Thursday: We were taken to Volunteer Point which has a colony of three types of Penguins.  Our driver and tour guide lived in West Falkland and witnessed first-hand the downing of Bob Iverson’s Harrier by blowpipe.

In 1982 Stanley was a shanty town, now it has grown 3 or 4 times the size, is very prosperous and very British, the locals are lovely, it's well worth a visit.


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Thank you Tanzi. 

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