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The FAA Memorial Church (St. Bart’s) holds the FAA’s ‘Book of Remembrance’, containing the names of all those who have died in service since the formation of the RNAS in 1913.  The FAAMC also stands guard over the MoD’s RN Cemetery, where many of those who have died in service rest.


However, the Trustees of the FAAMC want to extend the Church’s ‘Memorial Mission’ to include all those who have served in the FAA (and the RNAS). To achieve this, they have started a project to build a new ‘FAA Pathway’.


This Pathway, running between the FAAMC and the RN Cemetery, would be built to a high standard and designed to receive around 4,000 individual stone ‘memorial tablets’.   These would be to a simple, standard design – the same from Admiral to AEM – showing rank/rate, initials, surname, the year service began and the year service ended. The Trustees are aiming to keep the cost of tablets as low as possible. Over the years, tablets would be made and inserted into the Pathway individually or in groups as requested.


The Pathway would be open to anyone who has ever served in the FAA (or the RNAS) and would be available to living veterans.


The Project is still at an early stage and is being funded by the Trustees. It is hoped to get firm costs in 2021 – if the Trustees approve the Project a formal ‘Pathway Appeal’ will then be launched. A separate fund for the Pathway has been


For more details, please contact Steve George on 0791 294 8723 or at

Please visit the website for more information:



The Sea Harrier Association is delighted to be working with Steve George (Steev) to help raise funds by selling copies of Steev's superb drawings of Sea Harriers.  There are three designs, all of which are available as an A4 (297mm x 210mm) colour print on Archival Matte Paper (189 g/m2). 


A standard print is only £15 each plus £2 postage. 


Personalised prints can also be ordered - we can add squadron markings, your name, service details and details of a detachment, etc. Personalised prints are made-to-order and cost £25 + £2. 


All profits from sales will be donated to the Pathway Project. 


Sea Harrier Designs by 'Steev'

Print 1: SHAR FRS.1 (1)
Print 2: SHAR FA.2 (1)
Then and Now
Print 3: Then and Now
Single FRS1 Sample.jpg
Print 5: SHAR FRS.1 (2)
CAP Large.jpg
Print 4: Combat Air Patrol
FA2 Single Sample Jan 21.jpg
Print 6: SHAR FA.2 (2)
809 Shar FRS1 Hermes 82 Jun 21 Ver 3.jpg
FRS1 Logo Colour 800 Sqn (1).jpg

New designs

Print 7: SHAR 809 (Falklands War)
Print 8: SHAR FRS.1 800 (1981)
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