Garden of Remembrance

This page is in honour of our fallen comrades who have died in service or since leaving.  Each individual is some mother's son, a husband, a father, a brother, a friend, a comrade-in-arms.


This list is taken from the FAA Book of Remembrance and is not complete.  If you have details of other comrades who have passed over the bar, or if you have any details or a photo we could use in our garden of remembrance, please contact us using the form in the 'About us' section.

Eligibility criteria for inclusion in this Garden of Remembrance are at the bottom of this page.


We WILL remember them.

Lt Cdr J.E. Eyton Jones. 801
Lt Al Curtis. 801
Lt Cdr Gordon Batt. 800 NAS
Lt Nick Taylor. 800 NAS
CPOAEA (M) Robert Copping. 801
AEA (L) Ian White. 801
CPOAEA(M) Michael Almond  801
Lt Cdr Taylor Scott.
Lt. Andrew George 899
Mid P Norman 899
Lt Cdr John Ellis
Lt David Hicks 800
Lt Steven Holmes 800
NA (AH ) Andrew Finn 899
Lt Cdr Mike Auckland 899
CPOAEA(M) Steve Brookes 899
Steve Brewer 899 and 801
Todd Appleby 700A, 800 and 899
LACPOAEM(L) Nick Simpson 899
AEM Richard Baker 899
Lt Cdr Martin (Jack) London
AEM John Hutchinson 801
AEM Aaron Pantelli 899
CPOAEA(L) David Free
Lt Cdr John Phesse
CPO Rob Carolan
AEM(M) Mel Wong
AEM(M) Sean Jennings
Bob Bunyard (Association Member)
Harry Butler (Association Member)
Lt-Cdr. Kristian Ward 800 NAS
POAEA(L) Bob Eves 899 and 801
CPOAEA(R) Glen Appleyard 899 and 801
W/O Roger (Tiny) Marshall 800
Lt-Cdr Kevin Bugg
Mick Ghent
Mick Ghent
CPO AET(M) Tony Davies 800NAS
POAEM(M) Jimmy Quinn
POAEM(M) Jimmy Quinn 899NAS
POAEM(M) Ivan Towner 899 and 800 NAS
POAEM(M) Ivan Towner 899 and 800 NAS
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The Fleet Air Arm Memorial

(Victoria Embankment, London)

Eligibility for inclusion into the website Garden of Remembrance are in the following categories;

1)  those in the Sea Harrier community who had passed away prior to the John Phesse Memorial Dinner in October 2008

2)  current members of the Association

3)  serving members of the Armed Forces who have  had an attachment to Sea Harriers 

4)  non-Association members at the request of that person’s Next of Kin only.

POAEA(L) Bob Eves 899 and 801